New Class – Restorative Yoga Thursdays 9 am

After requests for a more gentle yoga offering I am excited to announce we start a six week Restorative Yoga series next week and you are invited!


Kate Seated Twist Jan 2013

Why do I need restorative yoga?

We love to be busy. Pushing, achieving, multitasking. Racing from one appointment to the next, often overbooking ourselves only to cancel at the last minute has become the norm.

No one gives out prizes for eliminating something off your to do list. There is no PR for sitting quietly (although maybe there should be?). Think you are too busy to sit? Believe it or not the more you slow down the more you have time for.

Gentle restorative yoga, meditation, release work and passive stretching all help to improve your brain function, calm your nervous system and open you up both physically and mentally.

Have you ever chewed on a problem for days then when you are in a relaxed place, say just about to fall asleep, the solution just pops into your head? By allowing our bodies an minds to release we become more efficient. I have been guilty of holding on to things (ideas, stuff, people) that no longer improve my life. Letting go is hard work!

Release work is often more challenging, in a different kind of way, than an active vinyasa or power yoga class. If you took part in our Wellness Challenge last fall you may have found the meditation aspect to be the most challenging. Guess what that means you need to do more of? You got it – sitting.

This class allows you to baby step into mindfulness by focusing on gentle calming movements. I find it easier to get into a flow state if I have something to do, verses just sitting.



What is restorative yoga?

We start with release work. By softening and letting go of chronically tight muscles we allow for greater movement options – baby bear, gentle twisting, cat and cow. Next we get organized. With stabilization exercises we ask often underused muscles to kick in – dead bug, single leg lifts. Next up, moderately paced strength and balance work – gentle lunge, tree pose, bridging – to strengthen and stretch larger muscle groups. Lastly flexibility work – including hamstring, hip and shoulder stretches – allow us to release tightness , decrease pain and enjoy greater range of motion.

This class will run for six weeks – April 23rd to May 28th. You may use your class pass ($16 per class) or drop in for $20 per class. All levels welcome.

How do I sign up?

Why on the new online scheduler of course! Click the “view class schedule” box to the right. Type your first and last name into the box on the right and you will be emailed login information. Current clients you have an account already set up, all you need to do is create a password.


Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood) Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She offers weekly classes, one on one training and seasonal hikes here in the Pacific Northwest. Call her today to see if this class is a good fit for you. (503) 705-4762.