Solstice Meditation December 18th

Tuesday December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day (and longest night) of the year.

Celebrate this time with us! Watch the recording of our live solstice meditation from Saturday December 18th.

Our December meditation theme is slowing down, and listening to your intuition. At the end of all of our fitness classes we do a 5 minute guided meditation where sit quietly and ask our internal guide “what do I need right now?”.

If the idea of listening to your intuition seems daunting, no worries, you can strengthen your listening skills just as you would strengthen your biceps, by repetitive practice. Join us for one of our live zoom classes, and do this short meditation with us, or tune in to our 30 minute session on Saturday the 18th.

Why celebrate the solstice?

For ancient cultures, the winter solstice was seen as a time of rebirth, or new beginning, often celebrated with festivals and rituals.

You’ve most likely heard of the German yule log. Did you know about these other mid winter traditions?

Iranians gather at the house of the oldest relative to eat, drink and read poetry, feasting on nuts, pomegranates and watermelon.

In Japan the custom is to soak in a hot yuzu, or citrus fruit bath. This is thought to boost your immune system, so that you will not catch a cold during the winter.

I love rituals that encourage sharing good food with friends and family, and relaxing.

If slowing down sounds good to you right now, listen to our meditation from Saturday December 18th as we sit and contemplate this special time of year.

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LOVE – our theme for February!


Really, this is what everything boils down to. Love for yourself, your neighbors, your family, your animals… Below are a few ways you can join our big ol love fest this month.

Listen to our Loving Kindness Meditation.

Can you sit, right now for 13 minutes?

Join an ongoing weekly class:

At the end of each of our Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Energy Flow classes this month we are doing a 5 minute guided meditation on LOVE. We’d love for you to join us! Your first class is on me.

Weeknight classes are 6-7 pm, Saturday 10 – 11 am. Full class schedule here.

Pricing: Monthly memberships start at $64.

Zoom ID: 5037054762

Zoom in to our Foam Roller Workshop:

Gently release tight neck, back and chest muscles. The focus of this class will be lovey dovey self massage, and myofascial release. One of my ladies requested a foam roller workshop that was focused more on feel good moves than strength work like push ups and lunges. If you’ve been spending more time in front of the computer lately, this one is for you!

Foam Roller Workshop Saturday February 13th at 11 am

Donations accepted here.

Zoom ID: 5037054762

Tune in to our *LIVE* interview with esthetician Susan Gasporra:

Does your skin need some love? We talked with Susan almost exactly one year ago, and her interview was so popular, we are bringing her back! She’s been researching how to prevent and treat “masknie”. She will also share her new safety protocols at her downtown Portland location. She gave me a facial in January and I felt very safe and well taken care of.

Susan Gasporra Interview Saturday February 27th at 11 am.

Zoom ID: 5037054762

The zoom ID for all of these meetings is my phone number 503-705-4762. To tune in, open Zoom, click “join a meeting” and type my number where it says “meeting ID”.

*FREE* Guided Meditation Saturday January 23rd at 11 am

Join us this Saturday at 11, as we practice our circular breath.

Focusing your attention on your breath has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a sense of calm.

Please use my phone number as the meeting ID: 5037054762

Call or email me if you have any questions.

Those of you who have attended our yoga, Barre, Pilates or Energy Flow classes this month have experienced a short version of this meditation. This Saturday we will do a 20-30 minute variation.

Things seem extraordinary, novel, chaotic and out of control right now. One idea that is bringing me some peace is that we have gone through this before, and we made it!

The flu pandemic from 100 years ago, changes in political leaders, even violence and unrest in our town. While this feels catastrophic right now, could this be a loop that has happened before and will happen again? You know, time is a flat circle, reincarnation, deja vu. Even if none of these concepts resonate with you, would you be willing to sit with us for 20-30 minutes (or however long you like) and focus on your breath?

When the world feels out of control, your breath is one thing you do have control over.

I record these (audio only) so you may tune in with your video on or off, and you may mute yourself if you like.

Here are a few of our past meditations:

The First Rule of Fit Club is…

Tell everyone you know about Fit Club!

What is Fit Club?

  • A monthly subscription service that automates payments.
  • A library of 5 – 60 minute fitness and meditation videos.
  • Weekly fitness classes, personal training, massage therapy or coaching.

Who is Fit Club?

You! Once you are signed up you receive the bennies above, plus Fluid gear and access to our yearly programs like the September Challenge.

You may choose from one of three options: videos only, videos and classes, or videos and one-on-one training. Need fitness gear like a band or yoga mat? Call me and I will mail you one (or drop off on your porch if you are local).

Where is Fit Club?

Right now all of our classes are online via Zoom. In addition to Zoom, I am going to a few clients homes here in Sellwood for massage therapy and personal training. Contact me to discuss schedule and availability. My goal is to ensure your safety, while providing you with excellent value and service.

Why should I join Fit Club?

Do you need support from a lovely group of ladies? Do you need accountability from me? Do you suffer from chronic pain, or are you finding it more and more challenging to make time for self care? Welcome to the land of Fluid, where we focus on safe, effective strength and mobility training, myofascial release, and meditation.

How do I sign up?

  • Click here to sign up for videos. $24 per month. One new video is emailed to you each week.
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  • Call me to schedule one on one training, massage therapy, or coaching, 503-705-4762.

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Thanks, I appreciate you!


meditation workshop

Meditation Workshop Saturday August 1st At Noon

Reduce anxiety, calm your nervous system, and learn easy to use self soothing techniques that help you get control of your breath and your thoughts. Often, we can’t control what’s going on in the world, but we can control how we react to it. A good place to start is with your breath. If I am feeling stressed, taking a big deep breath buys me some time, and gives me some space to figure out my next move, and think about what I should (or shouldn’t) say.

What does stress feel like in your body? Does your stomach ache, do your eyes dart around, does your heart race, does your jaw tighten up? Noticing body sensations is another great step in taking control of your body and mind.

Join me Saturday August 1st at noon as safely and gently explore these sensations, and play with breathing techniques and short guided meditations. This is a great workshop for those new to meditation, or those of you experiencing sleep issues (or, anybody feeling stressed to the max right now).

Click this Zoom link to join us. See you soon!

Meeting ID: 812 8135 3988S

Passcode: 212008