*LIVE* Interview With Julia Williamson, The Unclutter Coach

Thanks Julia for sharing your tips on how to create a peaceful, organized living space! If you missed our live interview, check out the recording below. Who do you know who would benefit from this information? Please forward this video to your special person! Be on the lookout for our next special guest – Heather Stewart. We go live Saturday May 2nd at noon!

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Julia Williamson

I Am Thankful For You!

Yes YOU! If your eyeballs are reading this post that means we have had, or currently have a connection. If I see you once a week or once a year I appreciate you!

Thanksgiving is coming up and I have been thinking about who and what I am thankful for. Here’s a short list: this little bird (pictured) and his sweet family. My sweetie, Eric. My supportive family. Oregon’s outrageous natural beauty. My Sellwood neighborhood, where parks with rivers, creeks, and big trees are all a short walk from my house. And last but not least, all of you! Without you I would not have a thriving business. We have a lot of fun together and I love how you support each other.

Did you know that expressing gratitude can improve your health? Research shows that grateful people have fewer aches and pains, sleep better, and are less aggressive than those who have more pessimistic outlooks. It’s hard to be a grump when you are counting your blessings!

This month I challenge you to share your gratitude. What are you thankful for?

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