November Five Exercises for Core Strength, Back Strength and Hip Flexibility

The November Five are here! We started working on these exercises this week in our classes and personal training sessions.

Can you try one minute of each of these moves every day this week?

For a more detailed description of the moves click here. For an in person demo call Anne to set up a one on one session or join an ongoing class.

Half Roll Back/ Twist:

Anne half roll back 11.14

Leg Pull:

Anne leg pull 11.14

Digging Trenches:

Anne dig trench 2 11.14

Squat/ Side Kick:

Anne Side Kick



Alice Eagle front 10.14


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Pilates Digging Trenches for Back Strength

Looking for some new moves to add to your home program this week? Here Elie demonstrates one of your November Five, the Pilates exercise Digging Trenches.Try this move at home (with or without the foam roller) to strengthen your back, core and shoulders.

Zip up your abdominals, press your forearms down into the roller and lift your back and chest. Slowly lower back down.



Notice how she keeps her back long, and shoulders away from her ears? Try for one minute of this move several times this week.