Salad Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Black Beans and Salsa

The Moreland Farmer’s Market is in full swing! I walked there yesterday with one of my ladies and we scored Columbia river smoked salmon, two types of salsa from my favorite salsa guy Randall, and fresh salad greens from Abundant Fields Farm. What I like about salad greens from the market is they last much longer than what you get at the grocery store and the taste can’t be beat. We also sampled sausages from Olympia provisions and yummy rosemary hazelnut cookies from Jeff at Aumbites. Speaking of Hazelnuts, David the shell guy told us how Turkey yielded a smaller crop of nuts last year, and this has made Oregon hazelnuts much more in demand. Who knew they grew hazelnuts in Turkey?  If you have not yet been to our farmers market be sure to check it out next Wednesday afternoon.

Using ingredients from the market, plus fresh eggs from Homestead Supply and some leftover black beans I had on hand I made what I call “salad eggs” for breakfast.

salad eggs 5.15

Most days I shoot for protein and veggies before noon. Occasionally if I am running out the door my breakfast may be a piece of toast and almond butter, or a smoothie, but 9 times out of 10 it is veggies ‘n eggs. Studies show that those who regularly eat a healthy breakfast are better able to maintain a healthy weight.

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Using leftover black beans (I had cooked dried beans with onions, garlic and spices in the crock pot over the weekend) I was able to quickly assemble my breakfast this morning in about the time it took to brew my coffee. I scrambled eggs with the salmon, tossed them over a bed of greens, topped them with beans and salsa. Healthy, high protein, fast, easy and delicious! What are your favorite quick and easy breakfast ideas? Share them in the comments below…

Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood) Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She loves to talk food, and shares these ideas to pique your interest in healthy eating. Anne’s idea of a “healthy diet” is high quality protein, whole foods including lots of fruits and veggies, and minimally processed ingredients. Please see your medical professional for specific dietary advice.