Martin, of Happiest Healthy Fitness Coaching, Interviews Anne!

These past few months, I have found so much joy in connecting with local people via weekly interviews! We’ve learned about everything from how to improve your internet speed, and lower your car insurance bill, to how to care for your skin. Laura showed us Qi gong exercises and hand mudras, Alice and I discussed trail running with or without a mask. We talked mental health strategies with my business coach Heather Stewart (maintaining structure during uncertain times), and Julia AKA The Unclutter Coach, and Elliot (threatened mindset vs. challenged mindset).

This week, the tables have turned, and Martin interviewed me! Check out Martin Rasmussen’s podcasts on his Happiest Healthiest website where he talks with local fitness professionals. Click here to learn about how I got my start, and how my business has changed over the past few months. We talk about why I encourage the movement + massage concept, both for me, and my clients. Also, zoom classes, injury free personal training, my “back” story, “The Five”, and my trademarked R.O.S.S. plan.

We discuss my ideal client, and what I do to keep my body and mind feeling good. I share a sweet success story about a client who completely changed his body composition by cleaning up his diet, and adding strength work.

Listen all the way to the end to find out my favorite (and least favorite) exercise, and whether I’m a cat person or a dog person. This is an audio recording, so you can listen as you would a podcast, while you are out for a walk, in your car, while you are folding laundry, or whatever you are up to this weekend.

Anne McCranie is an ACE certified personal trainer. She creates a culture of healthy movement through online training and classes, social connections, and good food!

Client Testimonial – R.O.S.S. virtual live classes. Safe for seniors working through injuries, or returning to exercise.

Are you looking for a safe, welcoming environment where you can exercise at your own pace, without fear or judgement? Join us for R.O.S.S. class Thursday at 9:30 am.

To my delight, Anne came into my life 3 1/2 years ago. I immediately recognized her kindness and was intrigued by her work. In my 70s I’m active (pickleball for fun not competition, backseat rider with my husband on our tandem, gardening, walking) but never have been what would be considered athletic. It’s fair to say that designation might be applied to my husband, son, and daughter.

Perhaps that explains some of my reticence to go to a gym. My insecurities of not meeting someone’s standard or appearing foolish have kept me from availing myself of that instruction. I think I would have even braved this with Anne, but she lives about 1 1/2 hours one-way from me.

Enter Covid19 and all the adaptations to shelter in place. Anne’s Zoom class has been perfect for me. I knew from conversations that she cares deeply about inspiring people who are working through injuries or even seniors with age-related movement issues. I decided to try her R.O.S.S. Zoom class. I’m hooked!! Anne sees my moves, offers helpful corrections (keeping in mind my concerns-osteoarthritis of the spine) all without commute time. As others have “Zoomed in” it remains non-threatening and my body feels the benefits. I told Anne today I hope this option will remain available even if “live” classes resume.

~Marilyn K., The Dalles, Oregon