Listening To Understand Workshop

Do you avoid conflict?

Would you like to feel more connected in your relationships?

Do you have trouble expressing yourself during difficult conversations?

Often during an argument, we are planning what we are going to say next, instead of truly listening to the other person.

If you would like to develop the skill of listening to understand, join us Saturday June 19th for a 60 minute Zoom workshop.

I’m teaming up with Relationship Coach Kristen Mira to offer tools that will help you to navigate communication and conflict better. This one hour online workshop will set you on the right path to experience greater understanding and feeling more understood in your relationships. This workshop will help you to feel more confident, grounded and connected while navigating conflict, whether that’s in your most intimate relationships or with your boss, or coworker.

We will sit for a moment to get centered, then Kristin will offer tips on how to listen to understand. You will have an opportunity to practice these tips in a low stakes environment (with your Fluid friends).

Leave with a new understanding of why truly listening to understand is important, and know how to stay calm and centered in real world, stressful situations.

Click here to sign up today!