Classes Move To Dance With Joy March 2nd!

Fluid’s classes have a new home starting next week! Starting March 2nd, we meet at Dance With Joy Studios: 8051 SE 16th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

Our evening classes (Yoga, Pilates, Energy Flow) all start at 6:30. Saturday Barre is at 9 am. Teen yoga Thursday 4:30.

I’m super excited for you all to check out this beautiful space. I have known the owner, Rachel, for years, and have tried a variety of dance styles via their lessons and parties. Every instructor is positive, warm, and welcoming. I’ve danced with partners in their 80’s as well as teenagers. Eric and I were taking a foxtrot lesson here last summer and one of the regulars slid over to him and whispered “hey man, nobody is even looking at you, they are watching the instructor and trying to figure out their own footwork”. It was really sweet and immediately put him at ease. In fact, Eric was the one to suggest we move our classes here.

We are going to experience the same warm welcome when we set up shop here next week!


The space is large, clean, bright, and comfortable, with nice wood floors. There are several couches (Bridget I’m looking at you), and a lounge area in the back where you can hang out before or after class. The studio is already set up with all our gear (yoga blocks, mats n such), and I will be bringing some of my stuff over as well, like the foam rollers, BOSU’s, and magic circles – sorry Kathleen 🙂 You are also welcome to bring your own mat or other gear if you prefer.

This is a hop, skip, and a jump from our current digs. Just head south about 6 blocks. The cross streets are 16th and Spokane. Look for the bright blue (teal) double doors. Come on in, head downstairs, and we will be waiting for you! I will be keeping my phone on me for the first few weeks in case there is any confusion about where to go. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me. (503) 705-4762


My hope is that you will pre-register for classes. You will have the ability to pre pay with a credit card, or bring cash or check to class with you. If you are unable to do this before next week, come on down a few minutes early and we can go through your paperwork together.

Click here to preregister for any class.

Thanks again for your patience and flexibility as we transition to a new space!



New Pilates And Yoga Class Times Start This Week!

Want to meet a group of fun and irreverent ladies who will encourage and support you? Come to one of Fluid’s classes! This is not your typical fitness class. Depending on how stressful the day has been, you may hear some cursing, or office war stories. One thing my ladies always say at the end of class is “man I feel so much better now than when I came in here!” Think of this as your self care, happy hour, stress reduction, and ladies night, all rolled into one.

Plus you get to visit with me for an hour! Oh and we do lift weights, stretch, and otherwise move our bodies.

Our current evening class schedule (all classes run 6-7 pm):

  • Monday yoga
  • Wednesday Pilates
  • Thursday Energy Flow

Fall 2018 we are we meeting for a quick 30 minute strength session:

  • Monday at 1:30
  • Wednesday at 11
  • Friday at 11

And if Saturday is your me day:

  • 10 am Barre


Click here for class schedule and descriptions. Call or text me (Anne) at 503-705-4762 to sign up!

Bring a Buddy to Class For Free In June!

Who do you know who would like to get moving but doesn’t know where to start?

What if you told her you knew about a workout that doesn’t feel like work?

Would your friend like to spend an hour laughing and playing with a group of irreverent, silly, loudmouthed ladies? Bring your buddy to a class this month!

That’s right, for the month of June you can bring your friend to class for FREE!

Click here for the current class schedule. Call me to reserve your spot! (503) 705-4762