Join Anne For Pilates, Gentle Yoga, F.I.T. Classes This Week!

It’s COLD out there, and I hear the rain starts back up tomorrow. Looking to take your workout indoors? In addition to my regular classes I am subbing some classes at Sellwood Yoga this week.

Join me!

Anne Dancer v2 8.14

This week’s class schedule:

  • 9:15 am Pilates, Wednesday November 19th (Sellwood Yoga)
  • 10:30 am Gentle Yoga, Wednesday the 19th (S.Y.)
  • 6:30 pm Pilates, Wednesday the 19th (Fluid World Headquarters)
  • 6:00 pm Energy Flow, Thursday the 20th (FWHQ)
  • 9:00 am F.I.T. class, Friday the 21st (S.Y.)
  • 9:00 am Pilates, Saturday the 22nd (FWHQ)

View the full class schedule here. Classes at the yoga studio are suitable for all levels, drop ins welcome. If you are planning on joining us for a class at Fluid World Headquarters please call or email me to make sure we have room for you. Class size limited to 7 people.

Anne open leg rocker 1 11.14

Hope to see you soon!


(503) 705-4762


July Five Exercises For Upper Body Strenth, Core Strength, Standing Balance, And Hip Flexibility

The July Five are up! For detailed descriptions of these moves click here, or better yet come see me for a private session this week. I have a few times available Sunday July 20th, Friday the 25th and Tuesday the 29th. Interested in a class? Click here for Fluid’s full class schedule. Message me and I will hold a spot for you.


1) Criss Cross


Criss Cross

2) Medicine Ball Push Up


medicine ball push up step 2

3) Big Twist


Big Twist

4) Warrior III


Warrior III


5) Pigeon




Anne McCranie is a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. She offers one on one training and group classes by appointment in her Sellwood studio. This post is meant to jog your memory about the exercises we have done as a team. Please see your health care professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.

Body Image Issues And Why I Stopped Doing Fitness Testing

Recently one of my ladies brought up this study, which led to a conversation about body image during Pilates class. We (I include myself) are a chatty bunch and I do my best to keep my group focused and moving, while allowing them to socialize and have a few laughs. If things get to out of control I throw the hundreds/ criss cross/ scissors combo at them and the room gets real quiet real quick.

Back to the study, which showed that sixty seconds of exposure to either a “plus size” or a skinny model can affect our perception of beauty. See a bigger person and bigger people are more attractive to you. See a skinny model and skinny starts looking good (I am paraphrasing, follow the link above to watch the three minute video). Being aware of how the images we see can affect our perception of beauty may help us (and our daughters) develop a healthy body image.

My legs are strong vs. my butt is jiggly.

As a personal trainer I help my clients establish goals to track their progress. “I want to feel better” is vague. “I want to to fit into this pair of pants by August” is specific and measurable. Prior to 2012 I took all of my clients through fitness tests that included push ups, sit ups and a waist measurement. In 2012 I stopped doing these.

anne waist measurement

Here’s why: My clients had been complaining about the push ups (I nodded, smiled and ignored these complaints) but when they complained about the waist measurements I started asking questions. I found out these tests were not being viewed, as I had hoped, as a benchmark for success. They just made my ladies feel bad about themselves and dread test day – who needs that?

While I have not quit doing these entirely, the tests are no longer standard practice. When a new client comes in we discuss her health history, establish her goals, and our plan of action. When it is appropriate I will offer certain strength and cardio tests which may include stairs, a plank hold or push ups, wall sits or squats, and – if they request it – a waist measurement.

Val Squat 2.13

I want my clients to feel successful. This “success” varies depending each client and each session. One day they may push their limits, cursing and sweating through a grueling workout, the next session may include quiet release work done lying on the floor (which can be just as challenging in a different way).

When my clients leave feeling positive about their bodies I feel successful.

How do you feel about body image and fitness? Let me know in the comments below.


Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based personal trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She works with her clients one on one and in small groups using a combination of movement + massage to aid in pain relief, stress relief and improve muscle and joint function. Contact her today for your complimentary consultation.

Spring Break Pilates and Yoga Class Schedule

Got time off this week? Why don’t you join me for a class?

Down Dog Jan 2014

  • Pilates mat class 6:30 Wednesday March 26th – core strength, flexibility.
  • Vinyasa Yoga 4:30 Thursday March 27th – Sun salutations, warriors, standing balance, breathwork.
  • TaijiFit 6 pm Thursday March 27th – “Flow” through a series of standing exercises based on traditional Taichi chuan movements. No experience needed, just follow along. Joint strength and flexibility, improved balance.


Click here for Fluid’s full class schedule. Contact Anne to reserve your spot!

Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based personal trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She offers weekly classes along with private and semi private training. Call her today for a complimentary consultation (503) 705 4762.

Pre Turkey Day Class Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Looking to squeeze in some physical activity before the big feast? So are my clients!

By special request (hey Maureen!) I have added a pre-turkey day class Tuesday November 26th at 6 pm.

Join us for this mix of Pilates core strength work, yoga standing balance poses, and TaijiFit flow. All are welcome, no experience needed.

Do you have friends or family in from out of town? Bring em!


Mandy Seated Twist Nov 2012


Thanksgiving week schedule:

  • Yes 5:15 pm yoga on Monday November 25th
  • Yes bonus Tuesday class – Pilates/ Yoga/ TaijiFit 6 pm Tuesday November 26th
  • Yes noon Pilates class at Sellwood Yoga Wednesday November 27th
  • No Pilates, Yoga, or TaijiFit classes at Fluid World Headquarters Wednesday November 27th through Saturday the 30th
  • Yes 5:15 pm yoga on Monday December 2nd


Fluid’s updated class schedule can be found here. Classes at Fluid’s Sherrett Street studio are limited to 8 people. Please call Anne to reserve your spot. (503) 705-4762


Suzanne Crow December 2012


Anne McCranie is a Portland based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. Her Sellwood studio is located at 1626 S.E. Sherrett Street Portland, Oregon 97202. She leads six weekly classes at her studio and one class a week at Sellwood yoga. Her lighthearted style keeps her clients smiling through even the longest, most tortuous plank pose.

Call Anne today to find out which one of her weekly classes best suits you. (503) 705-4762.