All I Want For Christmas Is A BOSU!

What is the most cost effective, biggest bang for your buck, piece of home gym equipment? The BOSU of course!

Looking for a gift your your special person? Get them a BOSU! I have a purple one with your name on it available today!

These retail for $140. I am offering YOU a special price of $105 – that’s a 25% discount – if you contact me by December 31st.

I often use BOSU balance trainers in personal training sessions, as well as Pilates and yoga classes. This is an excellent low-tech, and cost-effective workout tool.

What is a BOSU?

A dome shaped fitness tool that has a round side and a flat side, resembling half of a stability ball.

What can I do with my BOSU?

Standing or sitting on it is a great start! Also squats, lunges, push ups, standing yoga poses like Tree and Dancer, and Pilates core exercises like Boat, and Half Roll Back.

Why use a BOSU:

Number one reason – Improve your balance! Also strengthens your feet and ankles. Engages your core. And it’s fun!

*fine print – special price of $105 for a purple BOSU good until December 31st 2018. Pick up at Anne’s Sellwood studio. Anne has one of these in stock right now, and when it’s gone, it’s gone baby.


Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood) Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She works with her clients one on one and in small group classes, to aid in pain relief, increase mobility and strength, and reduce stress.


The December Five Exercises

Holy cow can you believe it is December! Here are this month’s exercises. Last month we focused on maintaining parallel legs and a level, neutral pelvis during moves like the Leg pull and Warrior III. This month we work in a “turned out” or externally rotated hip/leg position for Warrior II, Side Angle and the elusive Crow.

Ah the crow. While technically considered an arm balance you will have much more success with this move if you view it as a core strength exercise.

The photos and basic descriptions below are meant to jog your memory of the moves you have done with me. Only execute the exercises (or variations of) that are suitable for you and your current fitness level. Click here for detailed descriptions of these moves and modifications.

Want to see these in person? Join one of Anne’s six weekly classes or contact her to schedule some one on one time.


1) Warrior II

Side lunge, arms outstretched, front knee over your ankle.

Anne Warrior II 12.14


2) Side Angle

From a side lunge, rest your front hand on your leg or a block and stretch your back arm up.

Anne side angle 12.14

3) Crow

Squat low, rest shins on upper arms, lift your feet.

Anne crow 12.14

4) Single Leg Kick

Kick left heel towards your hip, extend your leg. Switch legs alternating left and right kicks.

Anne single leg kick 1 12.14

5) Flight

Prone spine extension. Hold for five breaths.

Anne flight 12.14


Anne McCranie is the owner of Fluid Movement + Massage in Portland, Oregon. She offers personal training, small group classes and massage therapy out of her Sellwood studio. Anne encourages the combination of movement + massage to aid in pain relief, build strength, increase flexibility, and improve body awareness. Call her today for your complimentary consultation (503) 705-4762.