The January Five

The January Five

Here are your January Five Exercises! Why not kick off the new year with daily activity? Shoot for one minute of each of these every day. For a more detailed description of these moves click here.

Please consult your health care professional prior to beginning a new exercise program. These photos are meant to jog your memory of the exercises we have done together. If you have questions, or need one on one instruction join one of Anne’s ongoing classes (check the calendar here to the right –>) or contact her to schedule a private session (503) 705-4762.


1) Hundreds:

Pulse arms up and down like you are banging on a drum, inhale for 5, exhale for 5.

Anne Hundreds January 2013

2) Leg Circles:

Inhale and exhale as you trace a small circle on the ceiling with your knee (or foot). Ten times each direction then switch legs.


Maddie Leg Circles 1. Jan 2013

Maddie Leg Circles 2. Jan 2013

Maddie Leg Circles 3. Jan 2013

3) Down Dog:

From hands and knees, press your hands flat and lift your hips towards the ceiling to come into and upside down “V”.

Anne Down Dog January 2013

4) Triangle:

Stand with your right foot three feet in front of your left, arms and legs straight. Rest your right hand on your right leg. Extend left arm to the ceiling.

Anne Triangle 2014

5) Seated Yoga Twist:

Hug your left leg and twist towards your left knee,  looking over your left shoulder.

Kate Seated Twist Jan 2013