Plank Rows For A Strong Core

I have been surprised by the amount of moans and groans (and occasionally cursing) I’ve been hearing when we do this move! I figured Burpies was going to be the exercise everyone loved to hate this month.

Plank Rows, one of the October five, are deceptively difficult if done correctly. Start with your knees down on the mat, as wide as the mat. Then move to straight knees and a more narrow stance as you get stronger.

Here is a perfect example of neutral spine, shoulders down away from ears, long neck, and level hips and shoulders.


Rick Plank Rows 1 edit October 2012


Rick Plank Rows 2 edit October 2012


These photos are meant to jog your memory of moves you and Anne have done together. Do not do any exercise that causes you pain. Questions? Contact Anne to schedule a one on one session or join an ongoing small group class.