May Five Exercises

Have y’all been doing your five? Each month I give my clients five new exercises and encourage them to do one minute of the moves every day. Here are photos of this month’s Five to jog your memory.

Click here for a full description. Click here for Fluid’s spring class schedule.

Baby Bear:

Anne baby bear 5 5.16


Terry Seal 1 5.16


Terry Flight 5.16


Anne. plank 5.13

Side Angle:


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March Five Exercises

Each month Anne offers five exercises to build strength and increase flexibility. For a full description of the five click here.

Here are your March Five:


1) Crescent Lunge – hold for one minute per side.


2) Pilates Push Up – roll down to plank. Five push ups.

mom Pilates push up 3.15

mom P. push up 3.15

3) Half Moon – stand near a wall for this one if you need balance help. From a lunge tip forward so most of your weight is on your front leg. Hold for one minute.

moom half moon prep 3.15


mom half moon 3.15

4) Boat – pull your belly in, lift your feet and hold for one minute.

mom boat 3.15

5) Single Leg Kick – alternate kicking left heel towards your hip, then right.

mom single leg kick 3.15

*this month my mom was here with me and agreed to pose for the five. How cute is she?