Disabled Vet Turns “Can’t” into “Can” through Yoga

You have probably seen this video going around the internet of Arthur Boorman the disabled vet who transformed himself from couch potato to athlete! There is lots to love about this video – Arthur’s determination, his rapid strength and balance improvements, his weight loss and the amazing before and after photos where he looks like a different person. I love the 1:50 mark where he is doing modified yoga poses in his living room using a chair to steady himself and he falls completely over, legs in the air like a cockroach. Guess what happens next (2 min mark) he gets back up! Over and over again.

Oddly enough his yoga instructor is none other than wrestlemania star Diamond Dallas Page.

I won’t spoil the ending if you have not yet seen this video but I had tears in my eyes watching it. Makes loosing that last 10 lbs or getting up at 6 am tomorrow to hit the gym seem not so difficult. Do you have an amazing transformation story or are you just starting to make some changes in your diet or activity? Tell me about it.