Foam Roller Magic Workshop:

This was awesome.  I learned a couple moves (and I pretty familiar with all the techniques) and my side pain was a lot better when I was done.

You did a great job of incorporating strengthening and stretching into this. I thought it was going to be mostly a whole body roll but it was way more than I expected.

It was the prefect speed too. Normally I am not a fan of video work outs but this was easy to follow along.

As always, I’m in awe 😊

~Elise H., Portland, Oregon

Pain Free Movement!

Anne has been integral in helping me redefine what a healthy workout looks like for me in my late 40s. Her approach of, “If it hurts, don’t do it!” mirrors what my physical therapist kept telling me after multiple injuries. Working with Anne has changed my life for the better – I’m injury-free and stronger than ever. Thanks for helping me listen and be kinder to my body!

~Heather S., Vancouver, Washington

Virtual Classes:

To my delight, Anne came into my life 3 years ago. I immediately recognized her kindness and was intrigued by her work. In my 70s I’m active (pickleball for fun not competition, backseat rider with my husband on our tandem, gardening, walking) but never have been what would be considered athletic. It’s fair to say that designation might be applied to my husband, son, and daughter. Perhaps that explains some of my reticence to go to a gym. My insecurities of not meeting someone’s standard or appearing foolish have kept me from availing myself of that instruction. I think I would have even braved this with Anne, but she lives about 1 1/2 hours one-way from me. Enter Covid19 and all the adaptations to shelter in place. Anne’s Zoom class has been perfect for me. I knew from conversations that she cares deeply about inspiring people who are working through injuries or even seniors with age-related movement issues. I decided to try her Zoom class. I’m hooked!! Anne sees my moves, offers helpful corrections (keeping in mind my concerns-osteoarthritis of the spine) all without commute time. As others have “Zoomed in” it remains non-threatening and my body feels the benefits. I told Anne today I hope this option will remain available even if “live” classes resume.

~Marilyn K., The Dalles, Oregon

Post Surgery Personal Training:

I have been working with Anne for five years. She is an excellent trainer. Her ROSS (release, organize, strengthen, and stretch) system gives an excellent workout which is strenuous but avoids injury. She is knowledgeable, generous, and great fun. I love working with her and highly recommend her to others

~Marnie F., Portland, Oregon

Thai Massage:

I prefer Thai massage to traditional massage. Lying face down on the massage table plugs up my sinuses and this side lying position did not. Because no oil is used, I can leave from here and go back to work without showering. Anne’s techniques are very relaxing. I was highly agitated when I came in and now I feel relaxed.

~ Michelle M., Portland, Oregon

Pilates and Energy Flow Classes:

I have been taking Pilates with Anne now for 4+ years and I also take Tai Chi with her. Anne is, without a doubt, one of the most talented fitness professionals I’ve ever worked with. Her Pilates class is challenging and interesting and fun! It’s a great workout but it’s more than that – Anne has a way of inspiring you to do just a little more than you think you can and she is always there to provide you with personal attention, quick adjustments or suggestions. Even more impressive, she is always learning and sharing new things with us so every class is a little different – it’s never boring! I’ve taken yoga and/or Pilates for over 20 years and she’s the best teacher I’ve ever had hands down. Anne is the best and I feel so very lucky to have found her. And my spine feels lucky too.

~Kathleen K., Portland, Oregon

Yoga Classes:

I have been taking yoga from Anne for the past several months and I am delighted.  I am 60 years old and in quite good shape, but I am 60 years old. Anne is masterful at helping me modify the poses so that I get all of the benefits and none of the risks. And, just the other day my partner commented that she’d never seen me so committed to my practice. It’s been a wonderful experience.

~Linda C., Portland, Oregon

Post Surgery Recovery, Pilates Classes, and Thai Massage:

I have been taking Pilates classes from Anne at Fluid Movement for over two years. I have never enjoyed group exercise, but after hearing my good friend talk about how much she enjoyed the class, I decided to give it a try. I was immediately hooked on her classes. Even though the class was on a Wednesday night and I arrived exhausted from a full day of work and running around, I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energized! I have that same feeling after every class. Before long, once a week wasn’t enough and I added the Saturday morning class to my schedule as well.

Anne’s compassion and knowledge make each class a joy to attend. She has an amazing array of exercises, focusing on release, mobility, strength and fitness. Every month has a new focus, so time at class never feels tedious. Of course, that would never happen anyway, because Anne creates an exercise community that feels like friends hanging out. I would go twice a week just because I have so much fun, but the classes also provide outstanding physical benefits for my 50+ year old body. I had total hip replacement this winter and since I was in good physical shape, thanks to Anne, going in to the surgery, I surprised my doctors with my quick recovery. I only needed 2 sessions of physical therapy and spent no time with a cane or walker!

Anne offers more than her fabulous Pilates classes. I have attended her foot health classes, participated in monthly somatic exercise challenges, that greatly reduced my arthritis pain; purchased her homemade lip-balms and lotions; and have had Thai Massages. I can attest to the high quality and value of these services.

~Cathy M., Portland, Oregon

Personal Training:

I start every week with Anne. She is a joy. Building strength, healing injuries, massage, you name it. All done with humor and caring that makes it enjoyable, even when the work is hard. When it comes to taking care of my body, she’s first on the list. I combine my sessions with Anne, weekly Pilates and lots of cardio workouts and feel great.

~Rick S., Portland, Oregon

Yoga and Pilates Classes:

I take yoga strength and Pilates classes with Anne at Fluid Movement + Massage and love them both. The classes help me de-stress and get stronger. Since starting these classes my blood pressure has improved as well as my strength and flexibility. Anne presents various levels of each move or tailors each exercise to your level helping to strengthen, stretch and tone without injury. In addition, there’s a great camaraderie in the classes which are delivered in a low key Sellwood environment. Last but not least, Anne’s colorful descriptions of how to picture yourself in each move (imagine you’re a piece of toast in the toaster, or button that vest!) serve to both assist and entertain! I can’t recommend it enough.

~S.A.W., Portland, Oregon

Personal Training, Massage Therapy, and Cranio Sacral:

I have been a client of Anne’s for 6 months, both for strength training as well as massage. I initially transitioned into working with Anne after finishing physical therapy following shoulder surgery, and she helped me to continue to gain physical strength. In fact, she picked up right where the physical therapists had left off…… just what I needed. As a massage therapist, she is sensitive to her client’s needs and very skilled in therapeutic deep tissue as well as Cranial Sacral work. As a person, Anne is welcoming, thoughtful and really listens. I would highly recommend Anne.

~Doug F., Portland, Oregon

Yoga Classes, Pilates Classes and Massage Therapy:

When I moved to Portland 2 years ago I had the good fortune to meet Anne and experience her excellent work immediately. Her style is the right fit for me. Like the name of her business she is Fluid, not rigid. Whether in her yoga or Pilates class I find her style reassuring, open, accepting, non-judgmental, safe, encouraging of awareness and hard work and fun. I live the benefits of her knowledge, her own personal work and her continuing exploration of the world of the body.

Massages with Anne are not a one size fits all, but tailored to your needs and wants. If you are not sure what you need she will ask questions and then listen to your body. I might add I love her room which is light and airy with a pleasant view of the outdoors. Should you prefer a dark, cozy room the drapes can be drawn.

Her range of body work is extensive including yoga, Pilates, fitness training classes plus specially designed individual or small group sessions. When the opportunity arises she loves to work outdoors.

She is a gifted body worker with a pleasant, unassuming demeanor who is committed to good work, professionalism and enjoying life.

~Suzanne W., Portland, Oregon

Personal Training and Cranio Sacral:

Love Anne! I like the balance of working out followed by massage…it’s the combination that make this a killer treatment. I like to book 11/2 hr starting with half hour of Pilate’s followed by amazing massage…she does craniosacral massage, hard to find anyone certified in this really light touch but effective body work. I suffer from vertigo and chronic neck pain and cranial is the way to go.

~Mary R., Portland, Oregon

Massage Therapy and Personal Training:

I Love Anne!  My Partner and I have been going to Anne for years.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Not to mention has a great sense of humor!  She creates custom packages / plans that work exactly for you. I have seen her mostly for massage but also have worked with her for personal training. She is both motivating and fun. I have had massages that were intense and problem focused as well as massages where I fell asleep they were so heavenly. Highly recommended!!

~Jill M., Portland, Oregon

Yoga Classes, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy:

Anne is the best! Her classes are fun and her massages are meticulous and relaxing. I started in Anne’s yoga class last year and did a series of personal training sessions–she shined in both venues. Now I’m pregnant and again enrolled in her yoga class. She’s knowledgeable and attentive, so I feel perfectly comfortable modifying poses so that I can keep up with the class. Do yourself a favor and check out Fluid!

~Rachel G., Portland, Oregon

Personal Training, Pilates Classes and Massage Therapy:

Anne is excellent.  I recommend her so highly that I bring my mother to her Pilates class when she visits Portland. (My mother, who isn’t quite sure if she even has a core, loves her Wednesday Pilates class.) When my dad comes to visit, he always ends up on Anne’s massage table.

What do I love about her? 1) Her teaching style: her instructions, which are paired with demonstrations, are clear and specific. 2) Her sense of humor: she’s got sass and wit. 3) Her professionalism: she balances a no-nonsense, always on-time style with a friendly, easygoing manner. 4) Her availability: whenever I’ve had a massage emergency (I have a bad back), she figures out a way to get me in.

If you’re looking for a highly skilled southern lady to kick your butt or smooth out your muscles, call her.

~Beverly G., Portland, Oregon

Pilates Classes:

I didn’t know I had abs until I started Pilates with Anne. Changed my core in a matter of a few months. She is challenging and inspiring without being drill sergeant-y.  Great personality. Terrific results!

~Jessica B., Portland, Oregon

Personal Training and Massage Therapy:

Anne is fabulous!  My husband and I have been working with Anne for several years now and we feel more limber, athletic and in shape than we have in years. She brings a great background of training and education to every session so you’re always learning something new about your body. And her massages are amazing! I highly recommend her.

~Siouxsie J., Portland, Oregon

Personal Training and Massage Therapy:

I first went to see Anne to work through an injury, but soon wished I could see her every week. Don’t let her gentle voice fool you – this lady’s hurts-so-good therapeutic massage is wonderfully effective. I love that she preaches activity as therapy and as healthy for everyone’s lifestyle. I’d definitely recommend her! 🙂

~Deb G., Portland, Oregon

Pilates Classes:

It’s been a pleasure being your student the past two years. Your Pilates classes have really changed my fitness level. I notice increased core strength and body awareness in nearly all physical activities. It’s upped my stamina for hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and running around after my children.

~Kelsey H., Portland, Oregon