Why Movement & Massage?

My signature combination of Movement + Massage is the best way to relieve pain, recover from injuries, reduce stress, and improve your body composition. Meet with me for private strength training sessions, Pilates or Yoga classes, massage therapy, or a combination of all of these!

  • Build strength
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve balance
  • Lose weight (or improve body composition*)
  • Improve sleep (fall asleep easier and wake feeling rested)

Together we will establish a plan that will get you looking and feeling your best. Start with a phone or Zoom consultation with me, then get moving with a customized program that is safe, effective and fun. Once you have the basics down you can join an ongoing class or round up a group of friends and start your own small group.

*Often clients tell me their goal is “weight loss” when what they are really after is improved body composition, meaning your ratio of lean muscle mass to fat has changed for the better. Client “M.M.” started training with me five years ago. She began with a weekly yoga class, then added a Pilates class plus a strength training session with her friend. After a few classes she noticed that she was getting stronger. After a few weeks her co workers noticed a difference, telling her she looked younger and healthier. After six months she had to buy new suits as her work clothes were hanging off of her. The scale did not move, she had not “lost weight”, but she had defiantly improved her body composition, and increased her strength and flexibility.

What kind of session suits your personality?

One-on-one sessions, couples training, small group classes, what is your preference?

fitness over 50, Fluid Movement + MassageWhen I moved to Portland 2 years ago I had the good fortune to meet Anne and experience her excellent work immediately. Her style is the right fit for me. Like the name of her business she is Fluid, not rigid. Whether in her yoga or Pilates class I find her style reassuring, open, accepting, non-judgmental, safe, encouraging of awareness and hard work and fun. I live the benefits of her knowledge, her own personal work and her continuing exploration of the world of the body.

Massages with Anne are not a one size fits all, but tailored to your needs and wants. If you are not sure what you need she will ask questions and then listen to your body. I might add I love her room which is light and airy with a pleasant view of the outdoors. Should you prefer a dark, cozy room the drapes can be drawn.

Her range of body work is extensive including yoga, Pilates, fitness training classes plus specially designed individual or small group sessions. When the opportunity arises she loves to work outdoors.

She is a gifted body worker with a pleasant, unassuming demeanor who is committed to good work, professionalism and enjoying life.

~ Suzanne W.