LOVE Your Neck!

Do you suffer from neck pain?

Want a long-term relief plan that goes way beyond “stretching”?

Join us Saturday February 12th at 11 am PT to learn how you can reduce wrist pain, and have freedom of movement in your neck and shoulders!

  • Who: YOU!
  • What: LOVE Your Neck Workshop
  • When: Saturday February 12th at 11 am – 12 pm PT
  • Where: ON Zoom
  • Why: Give your neck some TLC!
  • How: Click here to order.

Free for Fit Club members, $20 for guests.

We will chat for a few minutes about prevention and treatment of neck, shoulder, and wrist issues – how do you sit at your computer, how much time do you spend hunched over your phone, how do you sleep?

We will then go through a R.O.S.S. neck program, releasing tightness, cueing the small organizational muscles, strengthening, then stretching neck, shoulders, and wrists.

You will need two tennis balls or massage balls, and a towel, or exercise band.

Can’t make it live? Sign up for the workshop and I’ll send you the recording.

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