Pilates Bridge For Back Strength And Flexibility

Here Kate demonstrates the Pilates Bridge – one of the February Five exercises. This move strengthens and stretches your spine, lubricating your joints.

Kate Bridge 1 2.13

This is a little different than a yoga bridge in that your goal is stretching your spine, not hip height. Although you can’t tell this from a still photo she is exhaling to bridge up and inhaling to lower back down, moving continuously.

Kate Bridge 2.13

Try this at home. Start by activating your pelvic floor, feet, and hamstrings. How relaxed you can keep your neck and shoulders while moving your spine?

Client Testimonial – Pilates

I recently received this testimonial from a client. I sure do love hearing success stories like these!


I started doing Pilates on my own after rupturing my achilles tendon, having surgery, etc. I bought a book (did a lot of research and found one that was excellent) and was able to stay in amazingly good shape while I recovered. I then went to the reformer class in Seattle, which I loved. Then I moved down here and found you through Yelp.

I was a little nervous about taking a “mat” class vs. the reformer and was concerned that I wouldn’t get the same level of workout. Boy, was I wrong. You really are a gifted teacher, Anne. Your commitment to your profession is an inspiration – I’m always impressed by the fact that you’re constantly learning new things and incorporating them into our class. The class is never the same (so we don’t get bored), you always give very good “visuals” to help us do things correctly and it’s a GREAT workout.

I REALLY, REALLY appreciate you and am so, so happy to have found you. I have noticed that my arms are much stronger. All those pilates push-ups that I hate have helped me a great deal – Ha! 🙂 My spine is also healthier than it’s ever been!