Aloha from Maui!

Our group has been here in Maui for a few days now and I wanted to share some photos of some of the cool things we have done do far. I arrived a day before my group and went straight to the beach – Kamaole III right by our house.  There were two locals on Stand Up Paddle boards and they let me try it out.  I didn’t fall in once!

Saturday was a big day. My buddy Leah who lives here on the island took us to the Lavender farm near Kulu and led us on a killer hike up the mountain.

We made it up to the edge of the eucalyptus forest then turned around and headed back to the farm for lunch.

Here’s Dan relaxing after the hike.

Saturday night was the Luau – Feast at LeLe in Lahina. This was the best Luau I have been to. The service was excellent and we tasted foods and saw performances from all of the Polynesian islands. Our favorite was Tahiti (or as our server pronounced it Taaaahiti).

Blainey, Laura and I had fun flirting with our shirtless waiter Miguel, Dan and George had their eyes glued to the Tahitian dancers.

The food was outrageous and it’s hard to even pick a favorite dish but I loved the Kalua pork, grilled swordfish with mango salsa, and ceviche with coconut milk.  We even tried poi and discovered that it actually tastes good if you mix it with the pork.

Sunday morning we did a quick yoga and Pilates session.  Dan and George brought their road bikes with them and Dan did the northern loop around the island today.

He saw a few whales and even found a banana bread stand.  For dinner we grilled some chicken with a lavender spice mix from the lavender garden, made a spicy batch of curry (check out the recipe here) and finished it off with pineapple upside down cake made with fresh Maui gold pineapples.

Monday our dudes went on a bike ride up Haleakela (102 miles and 10,000 feet of elevation) and us ladies did ninety minutes of Pilates and myofascial release with tennis balls.  We had coconut ginger oatmeal with sweet potatoes and smoothies for breakfast.

Blainey, our official staff photographer has been taking all these photos, here’s a cool one of a gecko.

Our house has a huge yard and we have been utilizing the lanai for massages and yoga and Pilates classes.

Monday we headed to Big beach/Makena.  This was Kathy’s favorite beach because it was nice and wide with really soft sand.  We saw whales off in the distance.

Blainey and I hiked past little beach, the nudie beach (we kept our clothes on) to a rocky overlook.

We are here a few more days so keep your eyes here for more Maui updates!

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