Bridge – One of Fluid’s August Five

How lucky are we to have such lovely summer weather? I have been taking my Pilates and yoga classes outdoors this month.

Here Kate demonstrates Bridge – one of our August Five.

Start with knees and feet hip distance apart. Relax your back.


Kate Bridge 8.13

Press into your feet to lift your spine one vertebra at a time. Think of stretching the whole front side of your body.

Kate Bridge 2 8.13

In the Pilates variation you continue rolling up and down, breathing and relaxing your back. The yoga version you hold for five breaths then slowly come down. Take your pick and see if you can do this move once a day for one minute.

Pilates Bridge For Back Strength And Flexibility

Here Kate demonstrates the Pilates Bridge – one of the February Five exercises. This move strengthens and stretches your spine, lubricating your joints.

Kate Bridge 1 2.13

This is a little different than a yoga bridge in that your goal is stretching your spine, not hip height. Although you can’t tell this from a still photo she is exhaling to bridge up and inhaling to lower back down, moving continuously.

Kate Bridge 2.13

Try this at home. Start by activating your pelvic floor, feet, and hamstrings. How relaxed you can keep your neck and shoulders while moving your spine?