Memorial Day Yoga Class Schedule

Yes we are doing yoga this Monday! Are you off for the holiday? Join us for 5:30-6:30 pm Vinyasa Flow Monday May 25th here at Fluid World Headquarters.

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Other classes happening this week (all classes held here at 1644 S.E. Clatsop Street unless otherwise noted):

  • Wednesday 9:15 am Pilates at Sellwood Yoga
  • Wednesday 6:30 pm Pilates Mat
  • Thursday 9 am Restorative Yoga
  • Thursday 6 pm Energy Flow
  • Saturday 9 am Pilates Mat
  • Saturday 12:15 Pilates at Sellwood Yoga (I am subbing for Jodi)

All classes are suitable for all levels. Please reserve your spot by clicking the “view class schedule” box to the right ->


Questions? Call Anne (503) 705-4762


Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She offers weekly classes and quarterly workshops including Pilates, Yoga, TaiChi, Healthy Feet, Low Back Care, and Stress Relief. Call her today to find out how to join an ongoing class or start your own small group.

Pilates Mat Class This Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Looking to get in an extra Pilates session this week? Join our Wednesday night group this Wednesday November 14th at 6:30 pm. In this hour long mixed level Pilates mat class we build strength, improve balance and increase flexibility with moves like our November Five exercises, plus I’m still on my campaign for the perfect plank so expect lots of plank variations!



This is an ongoing group (five people max) that meets once a week at Fluid’s Sellwood Studio and this week I have one available spot with your name on it.

Please call, text or email me if you would like for me to hold this space for you. 503-705-4762

Client Testimonial – Pilates

I recently received this testimonial from a client. I sure do love hearing success stories like these!


I started doing Pilates on my own after rupturing my achilles tendon, having surgery, etc. I bought a book (did a lot of research and found one that was excellent) and was able to stay in amazingly good shape while I recovered. I then went to the reformer class in Seattle, which I loved. Then I moved down here and found you through Yelp.

I was a little nervous about taking a “mat” class vs. the reformer and was concerned that I wouldn’t get the same level of workout. Boy, was I wrong. You really are a gifted teacher, Anne. Your commitment to your profession is an inspiration – I’m always impressed by the fact that you’re constantly learning new things and incorporating them into our class. The class is never the same (so we don’t get bored), you always give very good “visuals” to help us do things correctly and it’s a GREAT workout.

I REALLY, REALLY appreciate you and am so, so happy to have found you. I have noticed that my arms are much stronger. All those pilates push-ups that I hate have helped me a great deal – Ha! 🙂 My spine is also healthier than it’s ever been!

New Pilates and Yoga Videos!

My super helpful IT guy Paul (of Mambo Media) just uploaded some new Pilates and Yoga videos for me. Hooray! The “Pilates for Back Strength” one features yours truly demonstrating Pilates stabilization exercises. This series is especially useful if you suffer from low back pain. Just remember to keep your belly button pulled in to your spine and breathe!


The “Yoga Vinyasa Flow” video shows a basic flowing Vinyasa series with a few standing balance poses. This is a good example of the series we go through in the Monday night Yoga class at my Sellwood studio.


Want to try out some of these moves? Call Anne to reserve your spot in an upcoming class or to meet with her for a private consultation. 503-705-4762.