Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Who do you know who suffers from foot pain due to plantar fasciitis (or fasciosis)? Did you know that a short bout –  even ten minutes – of deep tissue massage combined with stretching has been shown to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain?

Anne massage foot linda 2013

Plantar fasciitis often presents as severe pain on the bottom of one or both feet. The pain is usually worse in the morning. The plantar (sole of the foot) muscles are often tender to the touch and may contain myofascial trigger points. Massage therapy and stretching are increasingly being viewed as natural, less invasive alternatives to surgery or injections.

Click here fer the details of a recent study showing how soft tissue work can reduce pain and inflammation.

What would it feel like to wake up pain free? What if you could move in a way that brings you joy? Imagine running, jumping, skipping, or even walking without giving a second thought to your injury. Sound good?

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Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood) Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She loves talking about and working on healthy and unhealthy feet. She has seen it all – bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, high arches. Call her today to set up your initial consultation and craft a plan to move towards greater foot health.


Three Tools For Healthy Feet

Are your feet ready for spring training? As we transition from winter to spring footwear the muscles and tendons in our feet and ankles are work differently. You train the rest of your body, why not pay specific attention to your feet? If you suffer from bunions, hammer toes, or plantar fasciitis this is especially important. Treat your feet to a little TLC and you will be pain free this summer.


Here are the top three tools I use to keep my feet healthy and happy:

  1. Golf ball: Spend five minutes twice a week rolling our your feet and you will notice a difference immediately.
  2. Correct Toes: Wear these toe separators for thirty minutes a day to stretch and strengthen your feet.
  3. Theraband: Lay on your back, wrap a band around your foot and draw your name on the ceiling with your toes.

If you are in need of any of these tools let me know. I sell balls, bands, and Correct Toes and am happy to put together a foot care package and show you how to use all of these goodies.

Anne McCranie owner of Fluid Movement + Massage works with her clients one on one and in small groups using a combination of movement and massage to ease pain, build strength and relax tight muscles. The above information is intended to educate and inform. Please see your health care professional for specific medical advice. 

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Maui 2012


We are back from our second annual Fluid Stress Relief Vacation in Maui and I wanted to share some of our adventures with you. Here’s a shot from my happy place, “Little Beach” just north of Makena.


We had an action packed week that included daily yoga and Pilates classes, several hikes, Stand Up Paddle, a snorkel cruise where we saw whales, dolphins and sea turtles, and couple of relaxing beach days. A few members of our group even made it to a sports bar to watch the Superbowl.

We had a few cloudy/rainy days in the beginning (see the Luau photos to follow) but then the skies cleared up and we were treated to sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70’s the rest of the week. For me the best part of the trip was being barefoot almost the entire time and seeing dolphins jumping alongside our boat on the snorkel cruise, and of course being able to relax with my cool Fluid family.

Our house in Kihei was a short walk from the beach. Here a view from the Lanai:

And our sunset view:

The custom in Hawaii is to head to the beach around 6 to watch the sunset which happens surprisingly fast. Here we are on our first night down by the beach at Kamaole Park. I noticed on my first day back on the mainland that as the sun was setting I thought “oh it’s happening, I better get somewhere to watch the sunset”. Ahhh Hawaii…

Our days began with some combination of yoga, Pilates, strength training, cardio, tai chi and running/walking drills. Here we are headed to the beach for our morning yoga session.

And some beach yoga action shots.

In an effort to keep each post brief I will stop here and continue on a new post. Want to find out about our yummy eats? Keep reading…


Anne McCranie owner of Fluid Movement + Massage is a Portland based personal trainer and massage therapist. This is her second annual client trip to Hawaii. If you are interested in joining us next year call or email Anne 503-705-4762