Spring Cleanse begins March 20th, 2012


This month Anne is teaming up with licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist Danielle Melanson for her annual 6-week journey to renewal. A Spring cleanse is a safe and effective way to reset your metabolism, lose weight, reduce inflammation and awaken your body from the cold, wet winter months.

Our official start date is Tuesday March 20th at which point you will begin making dietary changes, taking your supplement and meeting with Danielle and Anne. While on the cleanse Danielle encourages moderate activity (getting outdoors whenever possible), drinking plenty of water, resting as you need to and taking weekly saunas to help detoxify your system.

Spring Cleanse Package Includes:

• 6 Acupuncture Treatments
• 3 group support sessions 3/23, 4/3, 4/10 led by Danielle
• Thorne Research MediClear cleanse supplement
• The health benefits of an elimination diet and food reintroduction plan


And you may add these a la carte:

• 3 sauna sessions for $30
• 4 Friday morning Yoga, Pilates and Strength Training sessions with Anne McCranie
of Fluid Movement and Massage, dates: 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13 – $60
• Group celebration dinner at Abby’s Table, a four-course gluten-, soy- and
diary-free dining experience for $35


Join us for part or all of this cleanse. For more information about the Friday morning workouts call Anne 503-705-4762.

To schedule your first acupuncture treatment with Danielle call Elixia Wellness Group 503.232.5653

Spots are filling up so call today to sign up for this amazing program.

*The total cost will be lower if Danielle is billing your insurance. For each acupuncture session covered by insurance you are responsible for only a $20 co-pay.

Joseph Wedding, July 2011

A client of mine invited me to be a part of her daughter’s wedding in Joseph, Oregon, last month. While I love traveling to new and exciting places with my Fluid family, what I really love is how open, warm and welcoming their families are to me! It probably doesn’t hurt that I’m showing up with my massage table.



Here are some photos from my trip. As usual, I crammed the most I could into one long weekend. I saw real live cowboys, watched as deer caused a traffic jam on main street, ate some awesome food, and even got in a stand up paddle session with the group on my last day.

The bride’s style was in keeping with Joseph style: picnic tables at the reception, mason jars for glassware and flowers, casually elegant cowboy chic.

The family came from all over the country, so I decided some travel stress relief was in order. We kicked off our weekend with an outdoor afternoon yoga class with a view of the Wallowa mountains. Most of us had traveled that day, so we focused on stretching and gentle movement. We did a vinyasa-style flowing yoga series (with some Pilates moves thrown in, of course), standing balance and some twists. While the view was awesome, we did start to get munched on by mosquitoes. So for our next class, we headed indoors.



We started most mornings with a combo Pilates/ yoga class. This crew was super athletic and most had done some yoga in the past. A few of the family members were new to Pilates, and they loved it! One even asked if we could work specifically on “core strength and pelvic floor.” Awesome!

I provided table and chair massages for the wedding party throughout the weekend and on the morning of the ceremony (please note the curlers in the shot below). The bride and her crew of bridesmaids, friends, relatives and other supporters did a lot of behind-the-scenes work leading up to the big day, from arranging flowers and hauling supplies to putting together food and welcome gifts. The family stayed relaxed as they hummed around like busy bees.



I mentioned the yummy food. First of all, there was my beloved pork. They cooked a pig roast in a pit, but this is Joseph-style, so no banana leaves. I won’t tell you the secret recipe, but I will say that it was delicious and I had two helpings.

This guy — we’ll call him the Salmon King — threw giant sides of salmon on the outdoor grill he brought with him (behind him in the photo below) and cooked them to perfection. I don’t know his magic, but this fish was ridiculous! I had seconds on the salmon too.

Want Anne to help your crew stay relaxed and stretched before or during your next party?  Contact Anne today to discuss your next party or trip! (503) 705-4762