Pre Turkey Day Class Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Looking to squeeze in some physical activity before the big feast? So are my clients!

By special request (hey Maureen!) I have added a pre-turkey day class Tuesday November 26th at 6 pm.

Join us for this mix of Pilates core strength work, yoga standing balance poses, and TaijiFit flow. All are welcome, no experience needed.

Do you have friends or family in from out of town? Bring em!


Mandy Seated Twist Nov 2012


Thanksgiving week schedule:

  • Yes 5:15 pm yoga on Monday November 25th
  • Yes bonus Tuesday class – Pilates/ Yoga/ TaijiFit 6 pm Tuesday November 26th
  • Yes noon Pilates class at Sellwood Yoga Wednesday November 27th
  • No Pilates, Yoga, or TaijiFit classes at Fluid World Headquarters Wednesday November 27th through Saturday the 30th
  • Yes 5:15 pm yoga on Monday December 2nd


Fluid’s updated class schedule can be found here. Classes at Fluid’s Sherrett Street studio are limited to 8 people. Please call Anne to reserve your spot. (503) 705-4762


Suzanne Crow December 2012


Anne McCranie is a Portland based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. Her Sellwood studio is located at 1626 S.E. Sherrett Street Portland, Oregon 97202. She leads six weekly classes at her studio and one class a week at Sellwood yoga. Her lighthearted style keeps her clients smiling through even the longest, most tortuous plank pose.

Call Anne today to find out which one of her weekly classes best suits you. (503) 705-4762.

Lower Your Stress, Reduce Your Arthritis Pain and Sleep Better With Taijifit!

Taijifit is back by popular demand. Come flow with us!

What is Taijifit you ask? An hour long movement class, or “experience” as founder David-Dorian Ross describes it, that immediately brings you into a state of “flow”. Here is a video of DDR leading a class (accompanied by music so watch the volume if you are at work)

In traditional Tai Chi Chuan you learn to flow slowly and gracefully through a specific series of exercises, or forms. By focusing your mind solely on the movements of the form you lead yourself into a state of mental calm and clarity. The proven health benefits that come with this type of movement include decreased stress and anxiety, lowered blood pressure, decreased arthritis pain, improved sleep, and greater balance. The difference with traditional Tai Chi Chuan and Taijifit is that with Taijifit there is no form to learn, nothing to memorize, you just follow along, and before you know it you are flowing!

I have been incorporating these movements into my warm up exercises and within a matter of minutes my clients become focused, relaxed, and more in tune with their physical bodies.

Sound good?

Join us this Thursday October 17th at 6 pm at Fluid World Headquarters 1626 S.E. Sherrett St. This is a five class series that runs through December 5th. The dates are not consecutive, please see the updated class schedule for specifics.

Questions? Call Anne (503) 705-4762.