*LIVE* Interview with Jerry – AKA Portland Pizza Peddler

Did y’all miss our live interview with Jerry – AKA Portland Pizza Peddler? Catch up with the recording below!

I accidentally scheduled Jerry’s interview the middle of the Blazers game. We didn’t do push ups or anything fitnessy, just cracked some beers (well he had a beer, I had a glass of wine) and talked about Chicago-style pizza, our favorite Portland food carts, and the Blazers of course.

You are welcome to listen to these interviews with the video off like you would a podcast (although you will miss seeing Jerry’s epic ‘stash!).

I’m Anne McCranie, owner of Fluid Movement + Massage LLC. I started doing these almost weekly “pandemic interviews” in April 2020 as a way to entertain myself, and to expose you, the people I love, to interesting people and ideas. We’ve learned about skincare, decluttering, automating your day, technology, running safety, insurance, mental toughness, acupuncture, intermittent fasting, R.O.S.S., the farmers market, and dance lessons. Who should we chat with next?