*LIVE* Interview With The Founder Of Equal Ground School Saturday December 5th

Good things are happening during the pandemic. New ideas, new ways of working, and new ways of learning.

Check out our interview with Tim Morita of Equal Ground School.

He and his business partner have created an outdoor learning center in the driveway of his Northeast Portland home.

I saw his story in this Willamette Week article, and wanted to learn more.
From the article:

Morita and his business partner Aaron Allison rented a tent and portable toilet; bought desks, chairs, plastic dividers, an air filtration system as well as heaters; hired two tutors; and installed high-speed internet all on their own dime—about $15,000 a month, to be precise. Morita credits “effective altruism”—using one’s own capital to better the lives of others—as his determination for this experiment, which he hopes to run until the end of the school year.

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