Pilates Helps Golfer Develop Muscular Strength And Power

This week in Pilates class one of my ladies mentioned how Pilates has helped improve her golf swing.

standing-twist-peach (2)

She has been doing Pilates and strength training with me for five years and has noticed improved core strength as a result. A competitive athlete, she plays soccer here in Portland. Her recent vacations have included hiking and camping in a remote Hawaiian jungle and ascending a snowy mountaintop.

This month her vacation included daily rounds of golf, in fact she often played 36 holes each day. She felt strong and relaxed while playing throughout the week and attributed her new found strength to the Pilates core exercises. Her internal dialogue used to be “ground your feet to the earth”. Now she has added “pull your belly button in” to activate her core while playing. I have noticed that she has developed a new awareness of her breath and greater muscular control.

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Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She offers Pilates, Yoga and Taijifit classes, and private training sessions at her studio in Sellwood. To view Fluid’s current class schedule click here.