Here Today, Gone to Maui

Aloha friends! Eric and I are Headed to Hawaii for some R&R March 12th through the 20th.

While I will be reachable by phone, I will not be checking my email. Thanks for your understanding as I take a break from my computer.

Fit Club subscribers, check your inbox! On Sunday you received recordings of all of our fitness and meditation videos from the past three months.

These include:

  • “The Monthly Five”
  • 3 minute hand and foot therapeutic exercises
  • 5 minute hip strength and mobility
  • 7 minute foam roller neck and shoulder release
  • 60 minute yoga and Pilates classes
  • Two 15 minute guided meditations
  • …and a bonus ten seconds of cuteness of my three year old buddy talking you through tree pose

If you would like to be added to this list (and you want to be able to have access to your video library this week) you must sign up prior to Thursday March 11th. While I have been able to automate parts of my business (like the payment system) there are still parts I am doing by hand, like adding your email to the Fit Club list.

If you are curious about me, or these fitness videos check out my latest video here:

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Better Balance Workshop Saturday April 18th

Click here to sign up for Better Balance Saturday April 18th!

If you’ve been doing The April Five with us this month you should be getting familiar with the Rolling to Standing exercise. Why are these types of mobility exercises important? The chances of us falling increase as we age. By practicing getting up and down from the ground effortlessly, we become skilled at falling. If we stay loose as we fall, we can minimize the change of serious injury like a broken bone.

Want to improve your balance? Join us for Fluid’s Better Balance Workshop Saturday April 18th!

  • Who: you (and your friends!)
  • What: 90 minute class. Be prepared to move your body. This is not necessarily a sweaty workout, but wear comfy clothes, like sweats or yoga pants.
  • When: Saturday April 18th from noon to 1:30
  • Where: From the comfort of your own home! All classes and workshops are now virtual!
  • How much: One person for $35, two people for $60.

Click here to sign up on Dance With Joy’s website.

Head over to Dance With Joy’s website to preregister. you will find the class under the “workshops” tab. Questions? Call me (503) 705-4762