Father’s Day Massage Special – Hot Towel Head And Neck Treatment + Salt Scrub

Treat Dad like a king this Father’s Day with this luxurious skin treatment and massage combo!

Dad’s manly massage treatment begins with a relaxing hot towel steam treatment for his face and head. Anne then kneads away tight neck and shoulder muscles using Fluid’s handmade blend of jojoba and shea butter infused with cedar, pine and rosemary essential oils to ease muscular tension. We also pay special attention to Dad’s feet, first with an exfoliating salt scrub, then a reflexology treatment.

Sixty minutes of pampering for Dad includes:

  • hot towel steam
  • deep tissue head and neck massage
  • foot scrub
  • foot reflexology treatment

It couldn’t be easier to show Dad some love! Just call Anne and she will have your gift certificate ready for you to pick up, or happily pop it in the mail.

Sixty minute treatment for $70. This special expires on Father’s day, Sunday June 15th, 2014.

Dad has one year to use his gift certificate. Anne still has a few appointments available Saturday June 7th and the 14th.

Call today to schedule or secure your gift certificate (503) 705-4762

*if Dad is sensitive to oils this whole treatment can be done using unscented and hypoallergenic jojoba oil

Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. She offers 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions in her Sellwood studio.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

This morning after Pilates class I sent one of my ladies off with a gift package for a family member that included a yoga mat, band, block and short exercise program.



Are you in need of a last minute gift idea? Call, text or email me this weekend and I’ll gladly set you up with a fitness package for your loved one. For example the foam roller, ball, block, weights, and jump rope pictured above. How bout a massage gift certificate for 30, 60 of ninety minutes?

~your secret Santa



(503) 705-4762

Hot Rock Massage

I spent turkey day relaxing at the coast and wanted to share some of my photos with you. We managed to walk on the beach every day (even in this storm).

Luckily most of the time the weather was more like this.

I collected a few more massage rocks. Check out the tip on this one – perfect for digging in a shoulder blade!

So what is this hot rock or heated stone massage? I gently warm smooth river rocks and use them as mini heaters, leaving them on your skin for a few minutes to warm and soften tight muscles.  I also use them as massage tools (the above mention of digging in the shoulder for example).

I recently showed one of my clients how to treat herself at home by lying on the rock and she just reported that after a few rounds of her self massage treatment she is noticing much less pain and tightness in her shoulder. Hooray!

Want to experience a hot rock massage? Call or email me to schedule (503) 705-4762. If you are already scheduled for your December massage let me know ahead of time and I will warm the rocks for you.

I leave you with a few more shots of the Oregon coast…



December Deals

Who’s been nice?  Fluid’s December Deals are here!

This week’s deal:  Fluid Fitness Package

Meet with Anne for a thirty minute personal training session (Pilates, Yoga or Strength work), plus a sixty minute massage and she will send you home with your choice of a foam roller, Swiss ball, dumbbells or exercise band and your customized home workout program.  $125

Offer good until Thursday December 23rd, call or email Anne today – 503-705-4762, Anne@FluidPortland.com

Five Tips to Keep You From Getting Sick.

Here are five tips to keep you and your family healthy this winter:

1. Wash your hands – especially before and after you eat, and if someone in your home or office is sick.  I know this one is a no brainer but you’d be surprised how important this is. Most germs get into our system when we touch a contaminated object and them touch our eyes, nose or mouth. A recent study found that college students sitting at their computers touched their faces on average 40 times an hour. For small children this number is nearly 60 times an hour.

2. Follow the new ‘cough etiquette’, which the American Academy of Pediatrics describes as teaching children to turn their heads and cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue or the inside of their elbow if they don’t have a tissue, instead of simply coughing or sneezing onto their hands, which will then spread their germs onto everything they touch.

3. Avoid close contact with people when you are sick. It isn’t really possible to completely avoid people who are sick, so it is likely better if you just avoid exposing other people to your germs when you or your kids are sick. So don’t go to school, daycare, work, etc., if you are sick with the flu.

4. Drink Water.  Lots of water.  I shoot for at least 60 -80 ounces per day.  If you get sick of drinking plain water jazz it up with a shot of juice or kombucha.

5. Get a massage.  Regular massage treatments are not only for pain relief and relaxation.  Massage increases your circulation and lymph flow which in turn boosts your immune system.  I receive massage at least once or twice a month.

What is your wellness plan for this winter?