Fluid Movement + Massage Has A New Sellwood Address!

That’s right, Fluid has moved!

Don’t worry, we are still in the lovely Sellwood neighborhood, in fact we moved just ten blocks away.

Come see us at our new address: 1626 S.E. Sherrett Street, Portland, Oregon 97202

The massage room is set up and ready for you, and Pilates and yoga classes and personal training sessions are going on this week. Photos coming soon.

For Anne’s updated class schedule click here. To schedule your next massage call or email Anne. (503) 705-4762


Client Testimonial – Pilates

Client Testimonial – Pilates

I received this email from a Pilates client recently…


I’m traveling this week. You’d be happy to know I took a hike this morning, and also did some Pilates in the hotel room! Thought of you today – and I’m so thankful you are in my life keeping me strong and healthy every week. I’m grateful that you have encouraged me to maintain my strength and conditioning – pushups! planks! rollovers! etc! You have found your calling and we all love you so much!


Arm, Shoulder and Hand Care This Thursday May 30th, 2013

Calling my guitar players, smart phone addicts, computer jockeys, knitters, cyclists…

Do you (or does someone you love) have a hobby or job where you work with your hands? Do you suffer from TMJ dysfunction, tennis elbow, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, arthritis, or, jaw, neck, or wrist pain?


Join me this Thursday night and learn techniques to relieve tight and sore arm, hand, shoulder and neck muscles. These simple and quick exercises and stretches help alleviate the symptoms of repetitive stress injuries and prevent future injuries from occurring.

  • Who: You!
  • What: Strength, flexibility and awareness training based on principles of Pilates, Yoga, TaiChi, and undulation
  • When: Thursday May 30th 7:30 – 8:45 pm
  • Where: Sellwood Yoga, 7970B S.E. 13th ave Portland, Or 97202
  • Why: Pain free, neck, arms and hands

Preregister here. Please forward this post to anyone you think could use this work. Hope to see you there!

Click here to view Anne’s 90 second arm and hand exercise video.

Anne McCranie is a Portland Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. With over 15 years in the fitness industry she draws from many disciplines to create strength and flexibility programs that help keep her and her clients pain free.

Call her for a free consultation today! (503) 705-4762


May Five Exercises 2013 – Core Strength, Back Strength, and Balance

Here are your May Five 2013 Exercises. Try for one minute of each of these every day this month.

May Five Exercises

Anne Side Angle May 2012

1) Side Angle:

  • Start in Warrior II (side lunge) with right knee bent, left leg straight.
  • Rest your right arm on your right thigh, reach left arm to the ceiling.
  • Hold for five breaths.
  • Strengthens legs, stretches hips and shoulders.


Anne plank 5.13

2) Plank:

  • From hands and knees, step back into a plank.
  • Make a straight line through your ear, shoulder, hip and knee (drop to your knees if you need to).
  • Hold for one minute.
  • Strengthens core, shoulders, back and legs.


Flight 2012

3) Flight:

  • Start lying on your tummy with arms by your side. Lift your belly button and slide your shoulder blades down your back.
  • Reach back through your fingers and toes. Lift your chest up into a small back extension.
  • Hold for five breaths.
  • Strengthens back extensors, abdominals, stretches shoulders.


Anne roll over 5.13

Anne roll over 2 5.13

4) Roll Over:

  • On your back with legs in the air.
  • Exhale as you press your legs up towards the ceiling. Inhale and hold here. Exhale as you slowly roll down.
  • Relax your neck and reach through your fingers, keeping arms on the ground.
  • Strengthens lower abdominals, stretches hamstrings.


Anne Seal 2012

Seal 2 2012

5) Seal:

  • Sit up tall. Scoop your abdominals to round your low back. Lift your feet and hold on to your ankles.
  • Slowly roll back onto your upper back, then roll back up to sitting. Now keep rolling and see if you can pause at the top and tap your feet together three times (seal noise is optional).
  • Strengthens abdominals, increases spine flexibility, improves muscle control.


April Five Exercises To STRETCH The Front Of Your Body

Here are The April Five!

See if you can go through one minute of each of these every day this week. Contact me if I can answer any questions for you. Who wants to volunteer to pose for a photo of one of these this week?

1) Crescent Lunge:

(Front knee bent, back knee straight)

  • From standing, step your left foot back into a lunge with your left heel off the ground.  Press into the ball of your back foot as you lift your left inner thigh towards the ceiling.  Right knee stays over your right ankle. Bend your right knee to a 45 degree angle if possible.
  • Lift arms up towards the ceiling and lift your chest to come into a small back bend.
  • Hold for one minute then switch sides.
  • Hip stretch, balance, leg and back strength.

2) Leg Pull Back:

(Reverse plank with leg lift)

  • From seated, lift hips up into a reverse plank with hands under your shoulders and fingers facing forward.
  • Exhale as you lift one leg; inhale as you lower your leg back to the ground.  Switch sides.
  • Shoulder stretch, core strength, hip stabilization.

3) Swan Dive:

(Roll down the front side of your body)

  • Start from a plank with knees down.
  • Slowly roll down through your spine onto your legs, pelvis, lower belly then lower ribs.
  • Press through your hands and lift your belly to come back up to a flat back position.
  • Keep abdominals turned on; think of getting longer instead of gripping with your glutes.
  • Strengthens spine extensors, arms, and tummy.

4) Double Leg Kick:

(Kick both heels to your bum, then extend arms, legs, back and chest)

  • On your tummy, hands behind your back, rest elbows on the ground.
  • Exhale as you kick both legs in, then inhale as you extend arms and legs and reach out through your chest.
  • Back extension, shoulder stretch.


5) Bow:

(Prone quad, hip flexor, ab stretch)

  • Lying on your tummy.  Grab your right foot with your right hand (or a strap) and pull your foot towards your hip.
  • Slowly start to lift your foot up to the ceiling.  Hold here for five breaths then switch sides.
  • Quad/ hip flexor stretch.