*FREE* Guided Meditation Saturday January 23rd at 11 am

Join us this Saturday at 11, as we practice our circular breath.

Focusing your attention on your breath has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a sense of calm.

Please use my phone number as the meeting ID: 5037054762

Call or email me Anne@Fluidportland.com if you have any questions.

Those of you who have attended our yoga, Barre, Pilates or Energy Flow classes this month have experienced a short version of this meditation. This Saturday we will do a 20-30 minute variation.

Things seem extraordinary, novel, chaotic and out of control right now. One idea that is bringing me some peace is that we have gone through this before, and we made it!

The flu pandemic from 100 years ago, changes in political leaders, even violence and unrest in our town. While this feels catastrophic right now, could this be a loop that has happened before and will happen again? You know, time is a flat circle, reincarnation, deja vu. Even if none of these concepts resonate with you, would you be willing to sit with us for 20-30 minutes (or however long you like) and focus on your breath?

When the world feels out of control, your breath is one thing you do have control over.

I record these (audio only) so you may tune in with your video on or off, and you may mute yourself if you like.

Here are a few of our past meditations:

*LIVE* Interview with Nedra Rezinas

Feeling icky about Social Media, burned out on Newsletters, and tired of Zoom calls that have no meaning? Watch the video below to learn Nedra’s tips for setting boundaries. Free up your time and be less stressed out!

I’ve gotten to know Nedra over the past few years through her Wonder Women in Business meetup group. She is super knowledgeable about all things website, tech, and social media, and she is always learning new things. In a recent meeting she said “Be curious, things are always changing”. This was a great lesson for me.

Chatting with Nedra is like talking to an old friend. She has mastered the art of being productive and driven, always connecting with new people, while staying relaxed and easy going.

Nedra Rezinas

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*LIVE* Interview with Sam From Zen Focus Tech

On Saturday May 9th we chatted with Sam from Zen Focus Tech about how to get the most out of your technology right now!

Does your screen freeze during Zoom calls? Are you maxing out your system with you, your kids, and your spouse, all on the internet at once? Check out our latest interview to learn how to improve your internet speed, improve your productivity, and reduce your stress while you work from home.

Sam Rodriguez shares his tech tips for working from home

About Sam: Sam is a trained engineer with 16 years’ experience in IT, and 7 years’ experience teaching martial arts to teenagers and adults. This combination allows him to bring quiet, expert determination to IT systems, and to take on a variety of roles. His work as an IT consultant integrates his knowledge of technology with his desire to serve – driving clients’ business passions with 21st century technology.

My goal with these free interviews is to help you reduce your stress, connect with cool, smart, knowledgeable people, and learn something new. You may tune in with your video on or off. I’m not judging your Saturday hair or pajama look.

Who do you know who would benefit from this? Can you send this info to your special person?

foam roller workshop May 16th

Foam Roller “Top Ten” Workshop

Do you suffer from tight, sore muscles? Want to feel relaxed, stretched, and destressed? Join us Saturday May 16th and learn an easy, at home, myofascial release program to keep your muscles supple. Together we go through Fluid’s “Top Ten” foam roller exercises that include release work, stabilization, strength exercises, and balance training.

Sign up here! (under the workshops tab)

* We will be using 36 x 6 inch inch round rollers (like this) for this class.* Contact me if you need a foam roller. I have used ones available for loan, and new ones for sale. (503) 705-4762

Who: you!
What: 90 minute movement workshop.
When: Saturday May 16th, from noon to 1:30.
Where: From the comfort of your own home! All classes and workshops are now virtual!
How much: One person for $35, two people attending the same workshop for $60.

Click here to sign up today!

You will find this class under the “workshops” tab (not the weekly class schedule).

Go RED For Women Friday February 3rd

Friday February 3rd is National Wear Red Day part of the American Heart Association’s campaign for heart attack and stoke education and prevention.

Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. The good news is 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action. So what can you do?

1. Know your numbers.

While some risk factors like age and heredity are out of your control, there are factors that you can manage, including maintaining a healthy weight, and managing your stress.

2. Maintain a strong support network.

This may include your medical professionals, mental health counselor, spouse, or the ladies in your Pilates class. Who can you go to for information, support, or to blow off steam at the end of the day?

3. Take Action.

What one thing can you do today to improve your heart health? Can you meet a buddy for a lunch time walk? Pick out one healthy recipe (I have loads of them here, just click the recipes tab to the right) to make this weekend, sit for five minutes and focus on your breath?

How can I support you as you take care of your heart?

And lastly, who needs me to bring them a red Fluid shirt? Sorry couldn’t help the shameless promotion. Plus the new shirts are super cute 🙂

Michelle Fluid shirt 1.17

Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She offers one on one movement + massage sessions, and weekly classes at her Sellwood studio.