Mt Tabor Hike This Wednesday at Noon


Come take the Mt Tabor Challenge with Anne and the boot camp crew!  We meet at noon this Wednesday July 15th at the north side of the park near the intersection of Belmont and S.E. 69th.  We will start at the stairs (count em – 300!)  Then go off road so wear comfortable trail shoes.

The high is supposed to be 90 tomorrow so this will be the place to be – most of the trails are in the shade.  For more info or to R.S.V.P. call Anne at 503-705-4762.


Watch Ruby’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

My new favorite show just started a new season this week.  Woohoo!  Ruby airs at 8 pm Sundays on the Style network (or you can check out her blog and watch short videos at

Here are the reasons I love Ruby: First of all, she has the cutest southern accent.  She has struggled with her weight and her relationship with food her entire life.  After leaning that she could literally die from being overweight she assembled a team of medical professionals, friends, and family to help her reach her goals.  She has already lost over 100 lbs!

For those of you struggling with loosing that baby weight or fitting into your summer clothes her story will give you some perspective.  She faces daily struggles with her diet – or what she calls her lifestyle changes – and how to stick to her guns when temptation rears it’s ugly head.  Check out Ruby’s story and let me know what you think!

Seven Smart Travel Snacks

I know a lot of you are traveling this summer and healthy eating on the go may present a challenge.   A small stash of snacks may keep you and your little ones (or significant other) from having a hunger induced meltdown.  Here are seven plane – friendly options that are easy to pack and carry:

• Crackers with cheese or peanut butter
• Pretzels
• Fresh or dried fruit/nuts
• Granola bars
• Sandwiches on whole-grain bread with cheese or peanut butter
• Fresh-cut vegetables, like celery or carrots
• Beef jerky

Look for snacks that combine protein and fiber to keep you feeling full longer.  Click here for more information and travel tips from the TSA.  Oh and send me some photos from your vaca.  Hawaii anyone???