Sellwood Pilates Training | Southeast Portland Pilates Studio

If you suffer from tight shoulders and lower back pain, or you just don’t recover from your usual hiking, running or biking activities like you used to, Pilates can help you.

At Fluid Movement + Massage, we specialize in Pilates training to reduce pain and improve strength. Located in Southeast Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood, we provide neighborhood and new client discounts, so the time has never been better than now to sign up with us for Pilates strength training!

Pilates exercises use a combination of movement and breath work to strengthen your body from the inside out. Your core strength and overall flexibility can be improved in just a few custom sessions at our studio.

With a consistent Pilates practice, you will notice:

  • Improved balance
  • Stronger lower abdominals
  • Improved muscle strength and coordination
  • Increased range of motion and spinal mobility
  • Decreased lower back pain

We offer beginner to advanced Pilates training sessions built around your fitness level and goals. We also offer a variety of small group classes – check our calendar for current times.

Want to get started now? Try our monthly Fluid 5, quick and easy ways to tone up and improve your core strength in just minutes a day.

Weight Loss Health Salon this Friday July 29th

Nicole Yezman, Naturopathic physician & acupuncturist and owner of the Clinic of Natural Health presents her second Health Salon here at the Fluid Movement + Massage Sellwood Studio. Our focus this month is weight loss.

“Extra weight on the body is due to inflammation,” says Dr. Yezman. “The first step is to figure out the root cause.”

Nicole Yezman, ND, LAc has done extensive research on weight loss and inflammation in the body.  Dr. Yezman will talk about why we carry extra weight, and offer simple and effective ways to get rid of your excess lbs. in a safe and healthy way. Discussion starts at 6pm Friday night, light snacks & refreshments provided. Cost: $10/person, or bring a friend, $15 for 2 people.

Space limited to ten people and her last health salon sold out. Call 503-729-3617 or email: to reserve your spot.

Health Salon Number Two – Weight Loss! July 29th

Are you constantly dieting but not seeing the results you want?  Pre or perimenopausal and experiencing a sluggish metabolism?  Looking for a few tips to get the scale moving in the right direction?  Curious about an anti-inflammatory diet?

Join us Friday July 29th at 6 pm for a weight loss discussion with Dr Nicole Yezman N.D., LAc.

“Extra weight on the body is due to inflammation,” says Dr. Yezman.  “The first step is to figure out the root cause.”

Dr. Yezman will talk about why we carry extra weight, and offer simple and effective ways to get rid of your excess lbs. in a safe and healthy way.  Discussion starts at 6pm Friday night, light snacks & refreshments provided.

  • What: Weight Loss Health Salon
  • Where: Fluid’s Sellwood Studio 7916 S.E. 19th
  • When: Friday July 29th at 6 pm
  • Why: learn simple and effective weight loss strategies, meet some of your Fluid family
  • Who: you and your guest
  • $10 per person – or two people for $15

Space limited to ten people and her last health salon sold out.  Call 503-729-3617 or email: to reserve your spot.

President Clinton’s Weight Loss

Here’s a link to a video clip of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewing President Clinton about his recent weight loss due to his plant-based diet.

Clinton says:

I went on essentially a plant-based diet. I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit. I drink a protein supplement every morning—no dairy—I drink almond milk mixed in with fruit and a protein powder so I get the protein for the day when I start the day up. And it changed my whole metabolism and I lost 24 pounds and I got back to basically what I weighed in high school.

He made this drastic dietary change to loose a few pounds but also to improve his cardiovascular health.  He mentions heart health pioneer  Dean Ormnish and others:

This movement has been led by a doctor named Caldwell Esselstyn at the Cleveland Clinic, Dean Ornish who you know out in California, the doctors Campbell (father and son) who wrote The China Study, and a handful of others. But we now have 25 years of evidence and I thought that, well, since I needed to lose a little weight for Chelsea’s wedding, I’ll become part of this experiment. I’ll see if I can be one of those that can have a self-clearing mechanism—we’ll see…

I consider myself an omnivore, but I do believe that reducing the amount of animal products in our diets is a big step in the right direction as far as cardiovascular health and weight loss or weight maintenance goes.  While a vegan diet may not be for everyone making small changes in one meal a day or even one meal a week can have a big impact.Continue reading

Drop Dead Diva Asks – Weight Loss, Is It Just About Willpower?

The tide may be changing in how we view weight loss and willpower.  Is it just about putting down the donuts and hitting the gym?  In a recent N.Y. Times article Tara Parker Pope looks at a new Lifetime series about an overweight, overworked attorney.

In “Drop Dead Diva,” on Lifetime, a heavenly mix-up leaves Deb, a vapid but good-hearted size zero model, trapped in the overweight body of Jane, an intelligent, hard-working lawyer played by Brooke Elliott. (Think “Heaven Can Wait” meets “Ally McBeal” and “Legally Blonde.”)……

While Deb spent her days working out and obsessing about the size of her knees, Jane discovers that long hours at the office drain her of the desire and energy to exercise.”

Sound familiar?  While “reality” weight loss programs focus on screaming trainers and crying contestants, for most of us life is not nearly that dramatic.   The average Joe or Jane may just be hoping to squeeze in 30 minutes at the gym and fix a healthy dinner for the family, not drop 100 lbs on national television.

New research shows that metabolic differences may play a large role in why it is more difficult for some of us to lose weight and keep it off.  A chemical and hormonal imbalance in the brain may increase cravings making foods high in fat and sugar more difficult to resist.

“I have grave concerns about how many of these television shows stigmatize overweight people by making them a spectacle,” said Kelly D. Brownell, director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale. “They suggest that if you only try hard enough you can be thin. A far better message is that it’s hard to lose weight and that it’s not just willpower and personal responsibility, but that both biology and the environment are players.”

The show’s creator, Josh Berman, said he wanted the series to make a statement about diet, weight and beauty.  He based Jane’s character on his grandmother Deb, a short plump woman “who carried herself like a supermodel”.

What I love about this show is the more realistic view of the struggles that many of us face (and it features the always funny Margaret Cho).  If losing weight were as easy as eating a salad there would be no Carl’s Jr Double Burger (weighing in at a whopping 1520 calories, basically your entire daily allotment).  I am all for personal responsibility and the road to a healthier lifestyle must begin with our individual decision to make a permanent lifestyle change.  However I appreciate the honest look at dieting that Drop Dead Diva Depicts.  As Mr Berman says “I feel there are enough shows that make people feel bad about themselves. If you want to lose weight, fine. Just don’t hate yourself if you’re larger than average.”

Well put.

Have you struggled with weight loss?  If so let me know what obstacles you have faced and what has worked for you in the past.