Healty Habits Trump Willpower When We Are Under Stress

According to a recent study during times of stress we tend to go with our established routines.

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Researchers at USC studying college students and found that:

We are just as likely to default to positive habits, such as eating a healthy breakfast, getting massage or going to the gym, as we are to self-sabotage. This research shows that lack of control doesn’t automatically mean indulging in unhealthy behaviors; it’s the underlying routine that matters, for better or worse.

Students who ate unhealthy breakfasts during the semester – such as pastries or doughnuts – ate even more of the junk food during exams. But the same was true of oatmeal eaters: those in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast were also more likely to stick to routine and ate especially well in the morning when under pressure…. And regular gym-goers were even more likely to go to the gym when stressed.




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