*LIVE* Interview With Beth Trimark-Connor Saturday At Noon!

Have you met my friend Beth (if you have, you would remember for sure, she’s a hoot!).

Beth is a three-fer! Her personal life casserole consists of layers…she started as a physical therapist graduating in 2001, then went on to pursue certifications as personal trainer and nutrition coach as she observed that pursuing deep health is complicated. She started GO Training, a now 100% online personal training studio, so she could train folks without the constraints of a specific diagnosis to fill the gap between where physical therapy left off and a thriving fit person began.  That eventually led to connecting how food and nutrition patterns provide the energy for one’s movement practice, so she pursued her certification as a Level One Precision Nutrition coach.  This led to unraveling the complex relationships of life skills, habits, environment, and how we schedule our lives…so she pursued training as a Level 2 coach.

Beth believes your mindset, your cooking and life skills, and a sustainable movement practice leads to deep health.

She has also been working on incorporating social justice into her practice and community in the last year to make her business reflect her values and priories by taking classes like Social Justice for Fitness Professionals with Dr. Teeom Williams, and other steps to create a liberatory vision for her business.

Watch the recording to learn whether or not intermittent fasting is for you. Also, we talk about rat ovaries, so there’s that (I’m completely serious).